The hardware platform is a computer with two Multitaction displays connected in one screen with a total resolution of 1920x2160px. The software is implemented on the Unity3D development environment.


Visually, the screen is divided into two parts, each of which has its own content and can work independently of each other.  Each part is designed in such a way that for people who approach the table from different sides of the information, they are always oriented towards them.  On the bottom screen are two information sections as well as two games. The first section is about the course of the civil war in Russia 1917-1923. The section has a timeline for switching between periods of war and marks on the map in each period with a description of local events. The second section is about prices and the cost of goods in various cities during the years of the Civil War. The choice of the city is carried out by a mark on the map, which opens a catalog with various kinds of information and images.  Interesting are the games.  The first game “Heap of banknotes” has two modes of operation, for half of the whole table and for the whole table, in the second mode up to 10 people can play the game. The task of the game is to sort money from different eras to the corresponding characters of these eras. Banknotes have the “physics” of paper notes and when dragged, they realistically crumple. Next to each character there is a counter of the remaining bills, with a correctly raised bill, the counter decreases, with a wrong bill, the bill bounces to the center of the table. By clicking on the icon of each character, a window with historical information appears. After the game is completed, the center displays information about the time spent on the game and the number of incorrect hits. The second game is interesting in the approach of choosing a character for which the visitor will play, Multitaction technology allows you to recognize not only touch but also QR codes. To select the characters, models of heroes printed on a 3D printer are used, a QR code is located on the basis of the models, when the model is installed on the game button, the Multitaction table sends the application an ID of the QR code, and the application starts the game script corresponding to the selected character.  The goal of the game is to go through the character in various cities during the Civil War, exchange various currencies, buy tips from local residents, and by the end of the game accumulate the amount set in the game legend. The second screen has three information sections  Section Catalog of funds in the form of a gallery of various banknotes, Section Persons with a description of the biography of significant personalities of the Civil War era, and the Section Literature with quotes from various books and stories of the Civil War. 

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Software application for the State Mint Museum St. Petersburg

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