• Software for the stand at the exhibition “Army 2017” Moscow

The demonstration project of military equipment is physically implemented with the help of a touchscreen monitor that operates on an infrared frame, an additional monitor and a support with models for which the backlight is controlled via the Pilot 2000 remote control via a USB converter -RS-232 The software is implemented in the Unity 3D development environment for the Windows 10 operating system. Job description of the developed software: the main menu of the touch screen has a list of military equipment and an animated interface design, while the additional monitor shows general information on the support, the support lighting with scale models is disabled. On the choice of a specific object, in the main screen a panel opens with a 3D model of this technology and the possibility of rotating an object 360 degrees, while on the second screen textual graphic information on the selected model and the stand-on lights are displayed on the selected technological model by sending a command to usb the port In standby mode, after a period of inactivity of 10 minutes, a demo mode is started, in which all the pages with objects and the corresponding highlight of the scale models and the output textual graphic information in the second screen is alternated alternately.

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Software for the stand at the exhibition “Army 2017” Moscow

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